This Month’s Feature: Xing Cuisine

The cuisine of the Xing people, an elven race from east-central Tornalia, is famously inaccessible to outsiders – an acquired taste that is extremely difficult to acquire, thanks to its unusual flavors, textures, and use of raw and fermented foods. The staples of the diet include root vegetables (turnips, radishes, beets, lotus roots, and others) and millet. Protein sources include freshwater fish, crayfish, and goose, as well as goose eggs. Fish oils and goosefat are the typical fats. Vegetables include root vegetables, greens (especially mustard greens), and cabbage. Seasonings include fermented fish, crayfish, or bean paste; garlic; scallions; vinegar; pepper; horseradish; mustard; and ginger. Techniques used include fermentation, steaming, and baking, and raw foods are common as well.

A typical feast might include a plate of raw fish seasoned with horseradish, vinegar, ginger, and perhaps a spicy sauce; steamed greens with fish oil; a dish of boiled and mashed root vegetables mixed together with crayfish paste, horseradish, and pepper; fermented fish and cabbage; a spicy goose soup; boiled goose eggs with embryo served with a spicy vinegar sauce; Torlakran wine; and a sweet, gingery millet porridge as dessert.

Delkar-te-leixin: a common dish, sometimes considered the national cuisine of Lan Xing. A mixture of stewed, steamed, or sauteed meat or seafood and vegetables served over millet. Typically served pungently seasoned and very spicy.


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