This month’s feature: Loranian holidays

Lorania celebrates a variety of secular and religious holidays. Most common people reckon the passage of time by measuring from one celebration to the next, rather than by the formalized calendar system.

Major holidays include:

—-    Winter Solstice (New Year’s Day): traditional day to propose marriage or other partnerships and to begin contracts and endeavors. Feasts, mummers and other entertainments.
1/20    Day of Compassion: visit the sick or infirm, make charitable donations, volunteer, make apologies, offer forgiveness
1/29    Geoffreid’s Day: religious study and meditation, evangelism, gift giving, traditional songs
1/39    Winterlight: lighting and display of candles or lamps, performances, bonfires, magical flares, feasts, carnival/masquerade
2/30    Avidor’s Day: religious study and meditation, morality plays
2/31    Dragon Day: parade, theatrical performances, tournaments or other competitions
3/01    Spring Equinox: bonfire, dancing, ribbons and other brightly colored decorations, day for privileged to serve or honor peasants, Peasant King and Queen named
3/31    Kingsday: feasts (outdoor picnics, weather permitting), relaxation, workers have the day off if possible
3/37    Day of Diligence: meditation on one’s duties, strive to work hard and to attend to tasks that may have been forgotten or neglected
4/23    Bromos’ Day: religious observances, feasts, most popular day to embark upon a pilgrimage
4/25    Loransfest: celebratory parades and performances, tournaments, feasts, workers have the day off if possible
5/01    Summer Solstice: procession of ships, healers of all kinds offer services for free, traditional day to gather herbs and other ingredients for healing or magic, bonfires for cooking
6/18    Gariel’s Day: religious observances, feasts, contemplation of the Manifold Path
7/01    Fall Equinox: may coincide with Harvest Festival–if not, celebrated primarily by making donations to the church, tournaments, considered an auspicious day for hunting
7/11    Day of Loyalty: day for servants to honor their masters, children to honor parents,
7/21    Harvest Festival (exact date varies): colorful decorations, bowls of fruit, music, games and competitions, traditional foods include cider and poundcake (“moon cake”)
8/13    Hamman’s Day: religious observances, thinking about the future, feasting (particularly with one’s enemies or rivals)
8/40    Festival of Souls: starts previous evening, belief that souls of deceased return to earth, offerings to dead, care of grave sites, white ghost costumes, ritual dances and pageants

(Note: the Loranian calendar contains eight months of 45 to 46 days each; New Year’s Day is not part of a month or week)


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