Books and Stories set in Tornalia

Title (status)

The Dagger of Despair (early version, completed 2000–now being rewritten as The Blades Trilogy)
“The Sands of Despair” (self-published at http://www.elfwood.com, 1999)
“The Fair at Evar Tora” (self-published at http://www.elfwood.com, 1999)*
“Mythology” (incomplete, several years old…)
The Silver Lance (first draft in progress)
“The Witch Hunt” (final editing in progress, 2011)
The Blades Trilogy, Book One (untitled–planning stages)
The Dagger of Despair (The Blades Trilogy, Book Two–forthcoming)
The Blades Trilogy, Book Three (untitled–forthcoming)
The Crown Trilogy (working title–forthcoming)

*While “The Fair at Evar Tora” is set in Tornalia, it should be considered non-canonical.


Title (status)

“Circuitous Lenses” (completed 1999)
“The Last Programmer” (working title–draft in progress)