A Glossary of Key Terms

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Loranian Weights and Measures


Grain = the average weight of a single grain of wheat
Pence-weight = 30 grains = weight of a copper pent coin
Shilling-weight = 4 penceweight = 120 grains = weight of a silver shilling coin (rarely used)
Ounce = 5 shillingweight = 20 penceweight = 600 grains
Crown = 20 ounces = 100 shillingweight = 400 penceweight = 12000 grains


Digit    Width of fingertip    1/24 cubit (1/16 foot)
Palm    Four digits            1/6 cubit (1/4 foot)
Span    Outstretched thumb to little finger    1/2 cubit (3/4 foot)
Foot    Length of foot in shoe   2/3 cubit
Cubit    Fingertip to elbow    1 1/2 feet (base unit)
Pace    Length of stride    3 cubits (4 1/2 feet)
Fathom    Length of outstretched arms    4 cubits (6 feet)
Mile    1000 paces    3000 cubits (4,500 feet)
League*    One hour’s walk/four miles    12,000 cubits (18,000 feet)

*In general parlance, a league (vulgar league) is considered to be the distance covered by one hour’s walk–therefore, its length varies depending upon the walker and local conditions. It is usually somewhat less than a standard or four-mile league, defined as the distance covered in one hour’s march on the King’s Highway.


Coin    metal    value
Token    brass     smallest unit (no longer in circulation)
Pent       copper  five tokens    minimum hourly wage
Shilling silver     ten pence    typical daily wage of unskilled worker; half-day’s wage for a skilled worker
Mark      gold       ten shillings
Crown   gold        ten marks

price of silver = 1/15 price of gold

Loranian Calendar

365 days per year (plus one leap day once in four years)
8 months per year (two per season), with 6.5 weeks each
Months 1, 3, 5, 7 have 45 days each, months 2, 4, 6, 8 have 46 days each. Leap day falls between months 4 and 5.
52 weeks of 7 days each (364 days)
New year’s day not part of any week or month.

Days of the Week (7)
Ecclesiastical Calendar: Sunday, Moonday, Thranday, Arvenday, Cornday, Valonday, Sarenday
Totemic Calendar: Risingday, Callingday, Flockingday, Runningday (or Flyingday), Leapingday (or Soaringday), Huntingday (or Fightingday), Restingday

Months of the Year (8)
Ecclesiastical Calendar: Geoffreid, Avidor, Diligence, Bromos, Blessings, Gariel, Loyalty, Hamman
Totemic Calendar (mammals): Fox, Wildcat, Hare, Horse, Bear, Ox, Elk, Ferret
Totemic Calendar (birds): Eagle, Crow, Owl, Crane, Swan, Gull, Sparrow, Dove

Date format: First Risingday in the month of the Bear (or, succinctly, First Rising Bear).


date per Ecclesiastical Calendar

Winter Solstice    0 Geoffreid (New Year’s Day)
Day of Compassion    20 Geoffreid
Geoffreid’s Day    29 Geoffreid
Winterlight        39 Geoffreid
Avidor’s Day        30 Avidor
Dragon Day        31 Avidor
Spring Equinox    1 Diligence
Kingsday        31 Diligence
Day of Diligence    37 Diligence
Bromos’ Day        23 Bromos
Loransfest        25 Bromos
Summer Solstice    1 Blessings
Gariel’s Day        18 Gariel
Fall Equinox        1 Loyalty
Day of Loyalty        11 Loyalty
Harvest Festival (date varies…in Arvel: 21 Loyalty)
Hamman’s Day    13 Hamman
Festival of Souls    40 Hamman

Women’s Calendar (Lorania)

9-month cycle (265.5 days, roughly corresponds to length of pregnancy)
each month has 29.5 days (alternately 29 days and 30 nights, or 30 days and 29 nights)
Four weeks of seven days each – day of full moon and half-day of new moon are not part of a week
When necessary, half-day is dropped from end of month in order to synchronize with lunar cycle (happens about once in two years)